Monday, May 18, 2015

Electricity Options April 2015

the Basic electricity rate has gone from $0.0933 to $0.15046 in the past year. If you don't switch to a 3rd party option, your electricity bills are going to continue to be much higher than previous year. If you wait long enough, the town will be switching you over to their choice. In April I compared most of the available options for residential electricity basic service. We switched to Mass Gas & Electric because of the monthly $50 gift Certificate.
Here is a link to the file which includes links, for those interested. note- the green options aren't accurate, I think Viridian is also 100% green. You want to check the cancellation policies too, I stopped keeping track of those as well. Pretty much use this for pricing and links. * As of 05/18/2015 Mass Gas & Electric is still offering the monthly $50 cert

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spending on Education in Carver: another look

From MassAnalysis, the new online tool for comparing communities, here is another look at how Carver compares to similar towns in Education Spending

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chinese trains

I'm kind of giving up on the fight here in Carver in some ways, having lost the battle over the Purchase St solar project. Which was the thing that got me involved in watch dogging Town Hall in the first place. But since our town threw some great people under the bus, and then reversed back over them again, & one of my friends and allies in this fight sold his house and got out of dodge, that puts things in perspective. I was in the fight for them mostly, and we lost big. And my time can be better spent fighting against bigger fish, hopefully with better results.

But I do plan to follow up on the annual Town Meeting 2014 shooting down my "Buy American" amendment to the latest solar projects. In my opinion they did this by taking away my rights, and I plan to correct that in due time.

My latest efforts are at the state level, where I plan to fight the latest scam, the MBTA $500 million + contract for new Orange and Red Line trains to Chinese company CNR.

For my first post on the Chinese train scams, I share with you this tidbit of info that only scratches the surface. Losing bidder CSR will be building our trains, all profits going back to their parent company, the Peoples Republic of China (PRC)! Who may use some of that MBTA money, to help build their next ICBM, or maybe their next generation jet fighter.

Stay tuned as I do my best to prove that this contract is not only unethical, it's also illegal.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buy American now 'Out of Order'?

On Monday June 16th 2014 I attended annual Town Meeting in Carver, Ma. I was particularly interested in Article 13:

Article 13

I was the second resident to speak on Article 13, and through the Town Moderator I offered an amendment: