Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giving it away

A 6.32-acre lot was taken a few years ago on back taxes.  The (Carver Redevelopment) Authority started talking with the A.D. Makepeace Company in August about purchasing the land. After a price dispute, both parties agreed on $19,000 for the parcel and signed a purchase and sale agreement in October 2011.

To be of use to Makepeace, the designation on the land would have to be changed from recreational to agricultural. A hearing before the planning board is scheduled for Feb 7th 2012

If this happens, the value of the land could increase significantly depending on the value of the resources on this lot. The Redevelopment Authority knew all along what AD Makepeace has planned for this lot (sand and gravel mining). The sale price of $19,000 is an insult to the residents of Carver. The Planning Board needs to do the right thing on Feb 7th and vote no! Otherwise they are practically giving this 6+ acres away.

This lot is surrounded by cranberry bogs, homes, and a golf course. AD Makepeace is making out like bandits here. Why?

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