Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kingston gets it

The need for transparency for renewable energy projects. Kingston gets it. Carver? Not so much.
There are many good reasons to support renewable energy projects locally. Private projects in the proper locations are often a "no brainer". As always, special over-site should be provided for projects when grants, or long term power purchase agreements are involved. Many renewable energy projects are private-public partnerships. The more sunlight and public access to the project details, the better.
Whether or not you support the wind turbines that were recently installed in Kingston, there is no doubt if the town has provided the necessary sunlight to the projects. The Town of Kingston provides a publicly available and simple web based document library:
the Kingston Wind Turbine Project

Unfortunately the town of Carver has chosen to be completely biased and shady with the numerous solar projects underway. In their rush to become the solar capital of New England, they have chosen not to post any project documentation online with public access. As if it's a complicated and time consuming task (not). They've also replied to a "Request for Public Information" for details of a couple of solar projects, with a claim that providing the information would be cost prohibitive.
As we will work to expose, laws may have been broken with some of the Solar projects in Carver. A renewable energy advocate has been disguised as a renewable energy consultant, allegedly working on behalf of the residents of Carver. And the whole process has been tainted by a clear conflict of interest and lack of ethics. We will work to find out exactly what they are trying to hide.
Stay tuned, the Watchdogs of Carver are working overtime to bring the Sunlight. And we know that Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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