Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cape Wind & NStar, it's "Legalized extortion"

This is how the BGM (big green mafia) works. The BGM is the coalition between politicians (usually democrats), & ENGO's like the CLF. They are usually fighting for things that hurt the middle class taxpayers, and destroy jobs. Adding billions of dollars in extra energy costs via extortion, these additional costs get passed down to local businesses and consumers, which destroys jobs.

Nowhere will you find a better example of this than with the Cape Wind scam. Gov. Deval Patrick has acted as a radical occult member while pushing his expensive green agenda. As if he is on a mission to save the planet, and the residents of Massachusetts are going to be footing the bill.

Here are some key quotes concerning Patrick's extortion of NStar on the Cape Wind scam, and links to the articles they come from.

"The administration characterized the Cape Wind purchasing agreement as an important piece to the state’s renewable energy agenda"...

The Cape Wind portion of the deal was characterized by House Minority Brad Jones on Wednesday as “legalized extortion” on the part of the administration to prop up Cape Wind, and Knapik called the wind project investment a “fool’s errand.”

East Falmouth Republican Rep. David Vieira called it a “backroom deal.”

This seems like extortion to me. I don’t appreciate the Governor playing Chicago-style politics with the future of Cape Cod and the Islands,” Vieira said in a statement. “If NStar wanted to purchase CapeWind power, NStar has always been free to make such a purchase. The fact the Governor held the NStar merger hostage to the CapeWind power purchase just doesn’t pass the smell test.”

from "Senate rejects bid to slow down NSTAR-Northeast merger" STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE


"Lowest cost comes with a high price"... (This is a real wtf? statement!)

The negative impact that these high rates are having on our economy is accelerating as the economy falters and even healthy companies look outside of Massachusetts to trim operating expenses," said Robert Rio...

competitive bidding would help put an end to "sweetheart deals currently offered to utility companies." The attorney general has estimated the Green Communities Act will cost consumers $4 billion over the next four years...

from "Renewable energy procurement bill spurs debate on costs, benefits" STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE


"they have taken the turn down the road of legalized extortion"

“Gov. Patrick has forced NSTAR to agree to this purchase as a condition of approving a merger between NSTAR and Northeast Utilities over the repeated objections of NSTAR CEO Tom May. It is obvious, it is anti-consumer, and it ought to be illegal,” Parker said.
from "Cape Wind-NSTAR deal hailed as 'tremendous,' ripped as 'legalized extortion'" STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE

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