Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The rt 44 Solar Project

 We have received updated information on the rt. 44 solar project recently, via a request for public information. We aren't here to break any news but can report that the 1st $75k of stimulus funds (from the ARRA) that we have documentation for at this time, we believe this money was spent responsibly. And the project is said to have started construction and is moving forward. This project involved 300+ solar panels to be places along the side of rt 44 in Carver.

 We can also report that after our first review, it appears that all hardware is made in the USA, a key requirement for the ARRA projects. 

 So from all that we know at this time, we approve of the project. The key factor will be the PPA, and if it will save us money over the long term, or if the computer model it might be based on will not work out.

Hopefully the town will be making all information related to this project available online to the public. And we would expect to see some reports in the local papers on this project soon. Stay tuned.

As always, sunlight is the best disinfectent.

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