Saturday, February 23, 2013

Education (and other) spending for Carver

With the debate taking place in town concerning a new school, the Watchdogs of Carver have been researching on many issues. Trying to identify ways to help gain more support for a new school, to find solutions that bring people together for a super majority style consensus. We need to work to come up with a plan that works for as many as possible, and aim high.

We support reducing CPA from 3% to 1%, and putting the 2% towards a new school. And we plan to make that case to the residents of Carver in the coming months.

We gained access to the Comparison Report of town finances, for all 351 towns and cities in the state. We filtered the data to exclude all towns with less than 10,000 residents, and more than 12,999 residents.

Here is a screen shot of some key numbers, for 22 towns with a similar population size, plus Carver. Click on the image for a higher resolution (better) view.

We are interested in hearing from different people, theories for why Carver spends so much on education. With one school falling apart, and one that is @ 20 years old and needs a new roof.

If you want to help crowd source the raw data now is your chance.

UPDATE 02/26/2013 Another comparison. This one compares Carver to other towns that spend a similar amount on Education.

We spend about the same as Nantucket, their annual budget is $112 million, Carver's is $35! Click on the image for a larger view.

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