Friday, March 29, 2013

Residents still fighting to stop Purchase Street solar project in Carver

 This issue is the one that got me motivated to finally get involved, when I first read about it in October 2011. It convinced me to go to Town Hall for my first ever meeting, the Dec 2011 Planning Board meeting. At this meeting I watched as resident after resident asked the board to not approve the Purchase St solar project, each giving valid reasons. I was appalled at the way they were treated by this board. So I started the Watchdogs of Carver.

The board ran into a grey area on solar by-right, and decided to side with the property owner and against the residents of the area. We need a Planning Board that sides with the residents of Carver when they reach grey areas like this. Now we have an opportunity to once again stand with the residents and demand that this project is stopped. James O’Brien pointed out that you can go to the Borrego Solar company’s website and find many pictures of large scale industrial solar arrays. But what you won’t see in these pictures is children playing in their back yards. And this is exactly what Borrego is bringing to Carver right now. It’s time to stop this insanity and do the right thing for these residents.

The Watchdogs of Carver have since joined the Citizens for Open Government, and other groups seeking more transparency from our elected officials. We have been researching these issues, and we will continue to bring a bigger and bigger spotlight to Town Hall. We will continue to work to stop these shady backroom deals, and to stop elected and appointed officials from working against the residents of Carver.

Please join us on Monday night at 7pm (Carver Town Hall) as we let them know that we're not going to take this anymore.

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