Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter: Working behind the scenes

This is my letter which was printed in the Carver Reporter on January 10th, 2014. Well most of it was printed, (without any notice) they removed the most important pieces. The three emails. Yes, I was censored.

Letter: Working behind the scenes

As a resident of Carver (and now a former member of the Carver Website Committee), I submitted a request for public information back in May 2013. This was for all emails sent to and by the former Town Administrator of Carver, Richard Lafond, and the Chairman of the Carver Website Committee, Stephen Dewhurst. This was a successful attempt to get access to all of the information that wasn’t yet made available, concerning the Website Committee history, policies and procedures, and goals. I want to share some of the responsive information that was provided by the Town of Carver.
In a letter shared on the Carver Reporter website on Nov 5th, 2013, Mr. Dewhurst made the following statement:

"Ms. Marrone read a prepared list of charges against the committee that were completely fabricated and provably false"

This was in reference to the October 23rd, 2012 Board of Selectmen meeting, which I attended while waiting to get the necessary Board of Selectmen approval to join the Website Committee. The truth is that many of these concerns have proven to be completely accurate.