Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's back! The Purchase St solar project

  When the town of Carver ZBA voted against the project in 2013, some thought that was the end of the fight to keep industrial solar out of residential neighborhoods. 

  Apparently all it takes for them to get the project back online is to make a slight change to the original plan, which they did. 
The Planning Board recently approved a minor modification that would allow the solar farm project on Purchase Street near Great Meadow Drive to go forward.
residents upset about new approval of a solar farm near their homes 

  Once again the Planning Board votes with the special interests over the residents of Carver. This is an industrial project that they approved in a Residential/Agriculture zone, which was never an approved use based on the town bylaws. 

  The solar loophole they used was way out of scope. That rule was put in place so a neighbor can't stop anyone from putting a couple of solar panels on their roof, for personal use. This project was never a legitimate use of this loophole that the Planning Board used. And once again residents of this town will suffer harm.

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