Thursday, March 27, 2014

Common Core comes to Carver 1

Common Core comes to Carver 1: the unfunded mandates kick in

I'll be reporting on the local implementation of the Federal "Common Core State Standards" rollout this year. This may be starting out of order, but this first post is for the unfunded mandates which kick in for FY 2015. Later I'll circle back and write about some of the temporary benefits we received from the "Race to the Top" (aka RTTT) federal program. 

Although they deny this, I believe the Common Core is a top down federal takeover of Education, which has traditionally been controlled at the state and local level. This program wasn't created by the states, and it wasn't created with any local input or involvement. This was created by well funded special interest groups, many of whom will benefit greatly from it's implementation.

The carrot and stick approach method of using federal bribes worked well here in Massachusetts. Which is ironic considering we were already at the top when the states education systems were rated. How are we racing to the top again? Oh yeah, it's actually a federal race to the middle! 

Now the town of Carver faces unfunded mandates in order to implement the next steps of Common Core. The following excerpt comes from the "Unfunded Mandates 2014" document from the School Administration.

20. Purchase one to one electronic devices (tablets and/or computers) for students to take the required online testing for the PARCC test which will replace the MCAS in 2015

21. Upgrade the technology infrastructure to support a minimum of 150 students taking an online test at the same time

22. Train teachers and students to use these devices before the tests are actually implemented

If you are interested in fighting the federal takeover of our education decisions, stay tuned for more info on how it affects Carver. Also consider joining the facebook group called END MASSACHUSETTS UNFUNDED MANDATES ON CITIES AND TOWNS NOW!!

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