Thursday, May 8, 2014

New School Project

The town of Carver needs to completely refurbish the current one, or build a new elementary school, there is no question about it. The current school is rated 5th worst in the state, by the MSBA.

Previously there have been 3 town votes on this topic, and all have fallen short of getting enough votes to move forward. I've noticed over the years that the town is very divided on many issues, this being at the top of the list.

I support doing something to fix, or to build a new school. But I also understand that there are alot of folks in town that might not be able to afford a big property tax increase. Each dept. budget should have to cut back a little bit, maybe 2-4% where possible. The CPA should be reduced to 1% (from 3%) even temporarily, for a couple of years. Every little bit that could bring down the total project cost could help.

This year Carver is back in the MSBA pipeline, and it's already getting ugly. Speak out against a new school on the Carver Connections Facebook page at your own risk! Here is a recent comment, which really is just the tip of the iceberg of the hatred seen for school opponents.

I'm afraid it's this type of attitude that sets the efforts to get a new school back. It's time to find ways to increase the yes vote, not to demonize families who are already stretched too far financially, and are afraid they could lose their homes because of a big tax increase.

How about getting the federal government and/or state gov't involved in the project. Maybe they could offer foreclosure prevention and counseling services, maybe they have programs to help families avoid foreclosures.

Getting to yes requires outreach to the whole community, including those who are struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck already.

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