Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buy American now 'Out of Order'?

On Monday June 16th 2014 I attended annual Town Meeting in Carver, Ma. I was particularly interested in Article 13:

Article 13

I was the second resident to speak on Article 13, and through the Town Moderator I offered an amendment:

Buy American amendment

A large number of residents applauded my amendment, and I believe if given opportunity to vote on this, it would have been approved. But my amendment was blocked by the Town Moderator as "out of order"!

I think this marks a tipping point, now Buy American is out of order, and a small town in Southeastern Massachusetts is blocking democracy in favor of supporting Chinese solar manufacturing companies.

The town has not heard from the last of me on this issue, as I won't sit back and allow them to take away my rights like this.

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  1. Update: FOIA request filed for all project documentation. This deal was negotiated in Executive Session with zero public open input. It's time for complete transparency!