Monday, May 18, 2015

Electricity Options April 2015

the Basic electricity rate has gone from $0.0933 to $0.15046 in the past year. If you don't switch to a 3rd party option, your electricity bills are going to continue to be much higher than previous year. If you wait long enough, the town will be switching you over to their choice. In April I compared most of the available options for residential electricity basic service. We switched to Mass Gas & Electric because of the monthly $50 gift Certificate.
Here is a link to the file which includes links, for those interested. note- the green options aren't accurate, I think Viridian is also 100% green. You want to check the cancellation policies too, I stopped keeping track of those as well. Pretty much use this for pricing and links. * As of 05/18/2015 Mass Gas & Electric is still offering the monthly $50 cert