Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giving it away

A 6.32-acre lot was taken a few years ago on back taxes.  The (Carver Redevelopment) Authority started talking with the A.D. Makepeace Company in August about purchasing the land. After a price dispute, both parties agreed on $19,000 for the parcel and signed a purchase and sale agreement in October 2011.

To be of use to Makepeace, the designation on the land would have to be changed from recreational to agricultural. A hearing before the planning board is scheduled for Feb 7th 2012

If this happens, the value of the land could increase significantly depending on the value of the resources on this lot. The Redevelopment Authority knew all along what AD Makepeace has planned for this lot (sand and gravel mining). The sale price of $19,000 is an insult to the residents of Carver. The Planning Board needs to do the right thing on Feb 7th and vote no! Otherwise they are practically giving this 6+ acres away.

This lot is surrounded by cranberry bogs, homes, and a golf course. AD Makepeace is making out like bandits here. Why?

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Drain kept a rolling...

And the "economic drain" has just gained momentum in Carver.

As reported in the Carver Reporter:

During its Dec 27 meeting, the Board of Selectmen approved Entero Energy’s contract for the Paduch bog solar array

According to the Executive Summary of MA Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2020

the economic drain represented by Massachusetts dollars flowing out of the state for energy resources is significant

How will sending our energy dollars to Entero Energy (based in Texas) help to reach the goal of reducing this economic drain out of MA?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sites best suited for clean energy projects

Common sense as well as the real energy experts agree, agricultural land is not considered within the category of  "sites best suited for clean energy projects". In addition to not being located in a properly zoned site, there are several other reasons to oppose the Paduch Bog Solar Array in Carver.

According to The Commonwealth's Sustainable Development Principles, the town of Carver has failed to uphold Principle #4 in approving this project. The Paduch Bog project involves solar panels to be built on top of a cranberry bog, located in an agricultural zone.

Principle #4: Protect Land and Ecosystems- Protect and restore environmentally sensitive lands, natural resources, agricultural lands, critical habitats, wetlands and water resources, and cultural and historic landscapes.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Paduch bog solar array has been approved

The Watchdogs of Carver believe that we should do all that we can to help protect local wetlands and cranberry bogs. We support fiscally responsible renewable energy projects, but only those in properly zoned locations, and sites recommended for renewable energy projects (by the state). The town boards should be using better discretion, they should represent the rights of all of the residents of Carver, not just the insiders and bog owners.

This particular project was approved on Dec 27th, 2011 and involves a large solar installation which will be built on top of a cranberry bog. The land is owned by Mike Paduch. There is an elected official in the town of Carver named Michael Paduch. As a member of the Board of Assessors, he has an obvious insider connection to Town Hall, and inside access to the various town boards.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kingston gets it

The need for transparency for renewable energy projects. Kingston gets it. Carver? Not so much.
There are many good reasons to support renewable energy projects locally. Private projects in the proper locations are often a "no brainer". As always, special over-site should be provided for projects when grants, or long term power purchase agreements are involved. Many renewable energy projects are private-public partnerships. The more sunlight and public access to the project details, the better.
Whether or not you support the wind turbines that were recently installed in Kingston, there is no doubt if the town has provided the necessary sunlight to the projects. The Town of Kingston provides a publicly available and simple web based document library:
the Kingston Wind Turbine Project