Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cape Wind & NStar, it's "Legalized extortion"

This is how the BGM (big green mafia) works. The BGM is the coalition between politicians (usually democrats), & ENGO's like the CLF. They are usually fighting for things that hurt the middle class taxpayers, and destroy jobs. Adding billions of dollars in extra energy costs via extortion, these additional costs get passed down to local businesses and consumers, which destroys jobs.

Nowhere will you find a better example of this than with the Cape Wind scam. Gov. Deval Patrick has acted as a radical occult member while pushing his expensive green agenda. As if he is on a mission to save the planet, and the residents of Massachusetts are going to be footing the bill.

Here are some key quotes concerning Patrick's extortion of NStar on the Cape Wind scam, and links to the articles they come from.