Saturday, April 28, 2012

Carver election day 2012

The Watchdogs of Carver are proud to support the following candidates in todays town election

Board of Selectmen: Helen Marrone & John Cotter

Planning Board: Ed James

School Committee: James O'Brien

We won't vote for any incumbents (this year), or people running unopposed. Here is why:

We don't mind subsidizing the farmers. But in 2011 everything changed. I guess the insiders think that not only should we continue to subsidize all farms, but now we should also just sit back and keep quiet, and let the farmers put solar farms wherever they feel like putting them. Including in your back yard.

Clearly certain boards in this town have been taken over by these special interests, and some of them no longer work for everybody in town, especially the taxpayers. The ones who don't get any tax breaks.

It's time for some spring cleaning at Town Hall. It's time to hit the reset button. Our government needs to start working for all of the town again, and not only for the special interests.

Please consider voting for our candidates. Together we "Hope" for "Change"! Together we can take an important first step today, in getting the town working on behalf of all residents of town again.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Green jobs are magical

It's gotta be magic!

How else do you explain that the state of Massachusetts went from having 11,000 green jobs, to 64,000 green jobs, all within 11 months? In 2011,less than 10,000 jobs were created in the entire state!